Looking forward to getting back to normal? Yes, we are all hoping to return to close to normal as long as we can do that safely, and therefore hope to see you soon.
If you would like more information about what's happening in a group, go via the 'Send a Message' button on the group page or to the Convenor Contact on the Contact page.
Welcome to the Thatcham u3a website. If you are not in full-time employment and have entered the ‘third age’, we hope you will find something to interest you here. There are opportunities for learning in its widest sense, and in a variety of different settings. We also arrange occasions to meet socially.
Thatcham u3a has grown enormously since it started over ten years ago, and we now have nearly 300 members with around 30 different interest groups. Groups are organised by convenors who share their enthusiasm, skills and knowledge with others, or arrange a group so people can learn together. Collaborative and co-operative learning are the hallmarks of u3a. Many groups meet in members’ houses; some larger groups meet in halls around Thatcham.
In recent years, we have begun running our own Study days. We have covered a number of topics including art, music appreciation, singing, crossword puzzles and creative writing workshops. Historic buildings of Thatcham, the Knights Hospitaller and a field day at Silchester have also been topics for Study days.
Coffee mornings are usually held in the Cornerstones café at the Baptist Church, Wheelers Green Way, on the first Friday of the month, and we hope to start back in September 2021. Other social events in the past have included our ‘Beat the Blues’ and Summer Luncheons.
On the second Friday of the month, we have our General Meetings at the Frank Hutchings Community Hall. Notices are followed by an outside speaker. As we have been doing these meetings online through Zoom of late, we have changed the order and have been letting the speaker go first. The subjects are varied and you will find details of the next few meetings on our website. Non-members pay £2.00 as visitors, and are asked to join if they wish to continue to attend after two meetings.
Thatcham u3a is part of the Third Age Trust which provides a variety of support to individual u3as. We are also part of the Thames Valley u3a Network which holds Study Days and meetings for members, and many of us have enjoyed these Study Days online with Zoom in the past months.
If you are interested in joining us, or have any questions, please use the Contact page or come along to a General Meeting where you will be given a warm welcome. We plan a Zoom General Meeting for September, an Open Day in October 2021 instead of a normal meeting, so the first time we will be back in the Community Hall will be in November. Do join us then.
Current annual membership fee - £13.00