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March 2018 Newsletter
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March 2017 Newsletter (PDF file)
Robotics Study Day Report
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Our first audio newsletter
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July 2016 newsletter (PDF File)

This edition includes photos and an account of Joy's abseil, Chairman's report from the AGM, photographs by Snaps and the 'Beat the Blues lunch'.

March 2016 Newsletter (PDF file)

This has a report of the Christmas 2015 meeting and the special presentation to Peter Jarvis.

November 2015

Nov 2015 Newsletter Part 1 Contains reports of trips and Study Days
Nov 2015 Newsletter Part 2 Contains photographs and reports of the Summer Lunch

July 2015 Newsletter PDF version

  • With photos of 10th Anniversary celebrations.

March 2015 Newsletter PDF Version

  • With photographs of Kintbury from SNAPS, a report of an Open Meeting and plans for study days.

November 2014 Newsletter PDF version

  • Find out about the Travel Group holiday to Colchester and Constable Country.

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