This web site is no longer active for further information go to teignu3a.org.uk

Some archive information and photos from our past activities can still be viewed via the the group pages on this site.
You can also now find us on Facebook as Teign U3A.

The U3A is an international organisation for those who have retired or semi-retired from full time employment and are in their third age. Teign U3A is centred on Newton Abbot and the wide spread surrounding areas of the Teign estuary with over 300 members. We hold a monthly meeting, in the Courtenay Centre, Newton Abbot, on the 4th Thursday of the month at 2pm. Visitors are most welcome. Refreshments are free so why not come along and see what we do? You will be made welcome by one of our greeters and have time for a cuppa and a chat to some of the group leaders and other members.

New members are most welcome – please go toteignu3a.org.uk

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