General Information

News and information for Everybody will appear on this page so you will know What and Where its all happening.

Coffee Mornings
Many members enjoy a coffee together at Jack's Patch on the first Friday of the month around 11.00 am or the third Wednesday also 11.00 am. There will also be a new place in Newton Abbot for members to meet and chat at Country Table on the second Tuesday at 10.30 so do come along between shopping. Bring a friend, all welcome.
Starting from November 13th

Monthly Meetings take place at the COURTENAY CENTRE. It is only just a short walk from the town and there are nearby car parks. There is tea and coffee available from 2pm followed with a short presentation by some interesting speakers. We have some exciting and informative talks lined up for the coming months - see the list on the EVENTS page.

You will be aware that your committee have been working to keep the membership subscription at a reasonable level and have not had to make any increase for at least 7 years.
We thought it would be useful for you to know where the money goes - so: £3.50 per member is our capitation fee to the U3A Trust and this includes Personal Liability insurance for each member in relation to U3A activities. We also pay £2.40 per member for the TAM magazine.
We then use the remainder to pay for: hire of the hall for monthly meetings; speakers at the meetings; rooms for group meetings; equipment needed by groups; expenses incurred by the committee members; computer management system; refreshments at the monthly meeting.
We hope this will show some of the running costs and how your money is spent.

Welfare and Benefit Issues
Help and advice for thirdagers can be found by clicking on the links on the right hand side Benefits and Ageing Any members who would like to talk to someone about these issues can use the welfare link on the contacts page or leave a name or telephone number of any friend or relative who is not able to use the internet.


The new management computer system/website is now up and running. Passwords have been sent to members so that they can manage their own information and see their personal diaries, however the old Website with the Calendar and group details will be still be accessible, pictures and reports of our past activities will be stored here. The management site is quite user friendly and there will be someone available to help at the monthly meetings. There is a link on the Contacts page.

If you know any member or a friend would like help using their IT devices, Computers, laptops, pads or phones our local Library in Newton Abbot have a help line. The contact number is 01395 384012 they will put you through to someone who will discuss your issues and let you know how and when help is available.