There are two Monthly Newsletters available to Taw U3A Members.

Taw U3A Monthly Newsletter
This Monthly Newsletter is produced 'in-house' with items mainly relevant to the Taw U3A area, such as the latest news from our Trustee Committee, or Special Interest Group news including meeting times and dates. It is put together each month by our Newsletter Editor, Valerie, who does sterling work in collating all the material, working out page layouts, editing the text and beavering away on the computer to turn out very professional journal each month. Unfortunately data protection legislation does not allow us to show the Taw U3A local Newsletter on our website. Members who have a computer are encouraged to ask for this Newsletter to be sent to their email address each month. Paper copies are also produced for members of Taw U3A to pick-up at our Coffee Mornings. If you are a Taw U3A member and aren't getting a Newsletter, please contact our Newsletter Editor.

U3A National Office Newsletter
Produced by our U3A Head Office in London, this Newsletter provides readers with a wider look at all the latest news, information, advice and gossip from the many U3As around the UK. It also tells readers about the many U3A Podcast that they have made available. Back numbers of this Newsletter can be seen by anyone by clicking the link below and selecting the edition you want to see, but you need to sign-up to have the latest edition posted directly to your email address each month. Have a look, it's great fun! Unfortunately this Newsletter is only available in digital form. Delivery is available to any U3A member requesting it.

To have a look click: U3A National Newsletter