U3A Head-Office Monthly Newsletter -
Until recently it was not widely known that U3A Head Office produce a monthly Newsletter. If you would like to know more about U3A Newsletters, have a look at the 'Newsletter' page on this website.

Catch up on Magazine Reading for free !
In these difficult times there is often not much else for us to do except catch-up on our reading. But, with so many other demands on our money, magazines may be considered too expensive. However, as members of Devon Library Service, we can now read a wide range of magazines (36 at the last count), on line and for free. All you need is your library card number (yes the long one that starts with C000000 etc) and your Library PIN. If you don't know your PIN you can find it on-line from Devon Libraries or with the help of a Library member of staff.
To log-in and read any of the magazines go to:
and enter your library card number and PIN, and your in !

The restrictions on normal U3A Group activity caused by the pandemic has had an immense effect. But many Groups are finding ways of continuing their contact with Group members and in some cases they are able to be very productive.

On this page are pictures and links from individuals or Taw Groups that are able to produce Artwork, Craftwork, Stories and more, despite the problems. Click on these links and pictures to see what they have done - and Enjoy!

If you have anything you would like to share with others by showing it on this page, please get in touch with the Taw U3A Webmaster. email: taw.u3a@movingearth.co.uk

Click on any small picture to see the caption and view it full screen.

Jill and David decided to spend Lockdown by getting fit by doing lots of exercise in the garden (and then they also enjoyed eating an improved diet). Click on "Our Lockdown Garden" to read the story and see the pictures.

Sue, Marion and Theres have had fun painting pebbles from the beach. Then they turned their hands to Flower Pot Painting and even painting trees. Whatever next? Photographs are shown here so that we can all enjoy them.

Jim from 'Design and Make' has been busy making lovely things, some of which he claims are made from waste-wood! Shown here are a Wooden Bowl, A Garden Planter, a Garden Seat and a Marble topped Patio Table. After Jim's summer break he is back into production and come up with, what he describes as - 'A What Not'. It looks more like 'A Certainly Can' to me.

Yvonne has also been busy with matters 'Horticultural'. I do love vegetables and it looks like Yvonne will be enjoying hers in the next few weeks. See how many you can name.

I notice that Sue, Marion and Theres have been busy with their paintbrushes again. This time it's 'A Rainbow', 'Heart' and 'A Walk in the Park'. I'm told all is revealed in the June offering from the Creative Writing Group. In the woods of Whiddon Valley Tree Creepers and Dippers were spotted, as you will see from Marion's painting of them.

The Creative Writing Group have been working hard on their keyboards writing stories, and they are sharing them with us here. They have already produced four booklets Creative Writing - April, Creative Writing - May, Creative Writing - June, Creative Writing - July, Creative Writing - August, Creative Writing - September, Creative Writing - October, Creative Writing - November, Creative Writing - Christmas Special and maybe more will follow.

Wood Carving is keeping Keith busy during this extended lockdown period. He has produced a beautiful Owl with outstretched wings.

Keep looking at this page as more will be added as it comes in.

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