Taw U3A Policies and Procedures

This page contains links to all the current Taw U3A Policies and Procedures.

All of our members should be aware of our Policies and Procedures and if you have any questions regarding these documents, please contact our Secretary. You can do this by clicking on our 'Contact' page, above.

Taw U3A Insurance for 2022

Taw U3A Complaints Procedure

Taw U3A Data Protection Policy

Taw U3A Financial Control Policy

Taw U3A Privacy Policy

Taw U3A Safeguarding Policy

Taw U3A Trustee Code of Conduct

Taw U3A Grievance Procedure

Taw U3A Disciplinary Procedure

Taw Guidelines for Affiliated Membership

Activity Risk Assessment Form

Criteria for Certificate for Service