The University of the Third Age Taunton is affiliated to the Third Age Trust. The U3A is a university only in the original sense of the word: a collective of people devoted to learning. It provides members with an opportunity to develop existing interests or take up new ones. No qualifications are required and none are given.

U3As all over the UK share the same philosophy but each one develops its own character according to its members and resources; programmes cover cultural, social and recreational activities. By joining a local U3A you will become a member of an important and growing movement.

Taunton U3A provides many opportunities for anyone no longer in full-time employment, to enjoy:

  • developing and sharing existing interests with others
  • taking up new interests
  • drawing on the skills, knowledge and experience of others

The charges made for attending one of our groups will vary depending on the venue, as all our groups are self-funding.

Where a group meets in a private home, usually a nominal amount is contributed to cover the cost of refreshments.

Other groups which are held in venues where rent has to be paid will make a charge per group member to cover this amount.

Newcomers to any group can attend their first session free of charge before making a decision about joining.

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