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Welcome to the Tadley & District u3a

Website status -A cut down version of the website prior to the crash is up and running allbeit with some content missing. I'm afraid, with over 700 U3As to migrate it's going to take some time to get the new website system and hosting up and running.

AGM Thursday 20th July - The AGM went well and showed that we seem to be over the Covid hump with both membership and finances back to pre-Covid days.

22nd July Summer Afternoon Tea - 'twas a fine gathering for our Pimms afternoon tea even if we did have to have it inside Heath End Village Hall all-be-it with the doors open! Typical British Summer! Comments were that we must do it again!

9th November New member Coffee Morning - We held a Coffee Morning for new members in the Community Centre where new members were able to meet the committee and group leaders.

10th December pre-Xmas refreshments- We held a pre-Xmas festive event in the Community Centre. Mulled wine, cakes, with music provided by the Belle Canto Ladies trio it proved to be an enjoyable event.

2024 - There are no cunning plans, yet, for Events in 2024 so if you've got any ideas of what our u3a could organise for our members then do let us know.

More Info on T&D u3a

To get some idea of what we get up to have a read of our Monthly Updates which can be found under the Monthly Upd' tab.

Click on the Groups link for more information on our groups, who they are, what they do, where they meet and who to contact for more information.

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The Membership link will take you to the page providing information on how to become a member of T&D U3A.

As the membership increases so does the attendance at our monthly meetings where new records continue to be set. At the current rate the TCC may one day run out of seats for all the attendees, we don't really want to get to the stage of 'standing room only'!

What we're about

The u3a is a self-help organisation offering people who are no longer in full-time employment opportunities to share their life-long knowledge, skills and experience with like-minded people in a wide range of interest groups. This is a two-way process with all who want to learn having the opportunity to help with the teaching. Learning is carried out in an informal atmosphere, free of the stress of exams, with the emphasis purely on fun and friendship. "If it's not fun, it's not U3A".

Regular monthly, outside speaker meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday in the month from 10:45-1pm at Tadley Community Centre, New Church Road. These are always very informative and often very amusing and cover a wide-ranging variety of topics. Group Leaders are in attendance so making it easier for everyone to see what groups are on offer. Everyone can catch up with the latest new groups and meet with and make new friends. Membership provides access to all groups plus a regular U3A magazine. A nominal charge is made for attendance at all groups as a contribution to hall hire and other running costs etc...

Tadley & District U3A was officially founded in March 2012 we are looking forward to welcoming many more members in 2023

We now have 40+ group activities and we encourage our members to suggest or volunteer to run new groups. If you are interested in starting up any group then please contact Jacki (Group Liaison) via the Contact page.

Also worth noting is research by Cumbria University that identified that Scottish country dancing is good for you. Luckily we do have a Country Dancing group so do come along and join us.