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Secret Recipe from Italy to Tadcaster

For 113 years a secret recipe homemade vanilla ice-cream has been enjoyed in Tadcaster. That secret recipe was brought to Tadcaster with Alfred Ranaldo from Italy in 1907.

Alfredo lived with his wife Mary and their children in St Joseph's Street and sold his vanilla ice-cream from a horse and cart, walking around Tadcaster on his route and playing his accordion to let customers know of his presence. Alfred Ranaldo's ice-cream cart is cared for and displayed by York Museums Trust.

Alfred and Mary's daughter, Mary Ranaldo, married Alf Andrews and the secret recipe was passed from Alfred to Alf who started making ice-cream at his premises at the Gold Lion Yard. He sold his ice-cream in slices on sticks and then later between wafers and in cones. The secret recipe ice-cream is so good it won the Gold Award when entered at an ice-cream show!

In the 1950's Ranaldo and Andrews had an ice-cream kiosk, (think cabin on wheels!) which was pushed from the Golden Lion yard and over the bridge to Crab Garth where Tad Kebab is now. This is of course was years before the A64 was built, so it was a busy road and the kiosk would be well positioned to get all the passing trade. Frozen metal sheets surrounding the container would keep the ice-cream frozen and at lunchtime freshly frozen metal sheets would be brought and changed over. Being on the main road to York, a perk was to meet the 'stars' when they stopped to by ice-cream when they were performing at the Rialto in York. Cliff Richard paid a sixpence when he stopped at the kiosk with his sister in 1958, which Carmen (who worked for the Ranaldo family) wore the coin as a charm. Tommy Steel was another customer who visited the kiosk.

This brings us on to Alf & Mary's son, the very much loved 'ice-cream man', Keith Andrews, affectionately known as Mara, who has just reached 80 years old. When Keith turned 17 years of age his dad bought him his very first ice-cream van, setting him up in the family business. Keith is very proud of his heritage and being part of such a long family tradition and rightly so. Keith has been making his families secret recipe ice-cream and selling it in Tadcaster and surrounding villages villages ever since. That's an incredible 63 years that Keith has given us great service and friendship and seen so very many families in our community grow up and the next generation visit. No wonder he is loved by so very many people in Tadcaster and the surrounding villages. Our thanks to Mara and many more of producing such fabulous tasting ice-cream!