Syston & District


U3As (University of the Third Age) are self-help, self-managed lifelong learning co-operatives for older people no longer in full time work, providing opportunities for their members to share learning experiences in a wide range of interest groups and to pursue learning not for qualifications, but for fun.

Often people are put off by the title "University" expecting this to mean formal learning, tests and diplomas. In this context the word "University" is used in its original sense meaning 'a body of people who come together to share knowledge'.

The Third Age refers to life during retirement, the First Age being life during school years, and the Second Age being life whilst at work. Although there is no age discrimination, generally the age group for the 'third age' tends to be over 55.

Syston & District U3A was formed in the autumn of 2015 and got off to a flying start with over 100 people signing up in the first quarter. Of those, 18 agreed to form a steering group to support the formation of the branch through the difficult “birthing” process. The “District” in our title is to expand our membership to the surrounding villages.

We meet once a month on the second Wednesday at Syston Conservative Club (Malthouse Suite), High St, Syston starting at 10.30am. Committee members will always be on hand to ‘meet and greet’ and answer any queries you may have. Each month we welcome a speaker covering a variety of topics, preceded by a cup of tea, where members can ask further questions or chat socially. Brief Group updates and information about wider U3A activities are also given.

At present there are over 400 members of Syston & District U3A. Fees are paid annually in April and are currently £15 for the year 2019-20. In addition to the monthly meeting members enjoy the choice of over 30 different interest groups, a monthly newsletter and quarterly issues of U3A News.

So that you can find out more about us, you can attend two monthly meeting as a visitor and one 'taster' interest group session without joining. If you wish to join, our membership application form can be found on the 'Publication Page'.
In May 2018 the Data Protection Law changed (GDPR). Our Data Protection and Privacy Policy can be found on the 'Publication page'.

Registered Charity 1180152