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Visit to Crowland Abbey 27/09/2019

On Monday 23rd September a number of our ‘Local Historians’ were treated to a Crowland Abbey guided tour of Crowland Abbey. On arrival we thought we were a ‘special’ group of visitors as we were greeted with the Abbey Bells being rung. It was, however, just a practice, so we were left a bit deflated.
We were split into three small units, each with a guide and taken around both the exterior and interior of the church where we learned a great deal of the history of the building and grounds.
Although a site of religion since 699, when Guthlac established himself on, Crowland Abbey what was then, the isle of Crowland, the first Abbey was not built until 716 when King Aethelbald stood by his promise to Guthlac to build a church. In t946 when the second Abbey was built there is even a record of a ‘tuned pair of bells.’ Earthquake, Fires, and our good friends the Danes, destroyed various subsequent buildings. Others were put up and additions made between 1144 and 1536, to give us the seventh incarnation of this magnificent Church. Needless to say, good old Henry VIII, dissolved the monasteries and the Abbot with his monks were dismissed. As there was no other church in the town the king allowed the Nave and two aisles to remain, but the rest of the church and monastic buildings were destroyed. The structure is under constant maintenance at considerable cost and money is raised throughout the year to enable us to visit and marvel at its beauty. It is well worth a visit if you have not already been and all of the History group were pleased that they attended