Sutton Bridge

Members area

If you are already a member, clicking the MEMBERS PORTAL link on the right will enable you to log into the Beacon System.

To log on you will need to know your membership number Log on Box
When completing details remember the Forename and Surname fields are case sensitive and must match the information held on the Member Record (as displayed on your Membership Card).
The postcode and email address fields are not case sensitive.
Once the dialogue box is completed then press the confirm identity button.

Once you are into the Beacon System you will see two Links: Select an Option
One will be Sutton Bridge U3A Groups this will allow you to see all of the current groups, showing pertinent information including a map if necessary.
The other link Update your personal details allows you to view and amend your personal record.

Open the link Update your Personal Data. This page will show you all of your personal data we store and allow you to check the data is correct. Anything that is incorrect you may change. You can also add a familiar name in the Known as box,

If for any reason you find you cannot log in, check your recorded details with the Membership Secretary.