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The U3A Sutton Bridge Constitution and Import Documents

The Constitution as agreed at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on the 5th June 2018.

The committee has produced various Document and forms, to assist our members.

Health and Safety checklists shall be completed, and retained by the Secretary, on the attached Venue Risk Assessment and Venue Checklists.
If the venue has done their own Risk Assessment and are prepared to provide a copy to us we do not need to do another one. We should still complete the day of use checklist.

For outings the Group Leader shall request a copy of the Risk Assessment prepared by the venue, if available, and shall check, on arrival, that everything necessary is in place and operational. Group Members shall be advised prior to the visit of possible hazards that are likely to be found at these venues. The Outings Risk Assessment Checklist which shall be tailored to the particular venue and risks identified.

For walking groups, the Group Leader shall advise group members of the walk by completing the Walk Leaders Risk Assessment Checklist.


The U3A Sutton Bridge Membership Form

Membership Form
If you have any questions regarding the completion of this form, either contact a member of the committee via this website or talk to one at the next General Meeting.

Membership Fees

We are pleased to announce that the Membership Fees for 2019 - 20 will remain the same as last year and will, therefore, be:
Full Year £16.00 due on 1st April
Less £3.50 if you demonstrate that you are a fully paid up member of another U3A

Reduced Membership Fee if you join after 31st October 2019 £11.00
If you join in February or March 2020 the full years fees for 2020 - 21 will be payable but will give you membership until 31st March 2021



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