Sutton Bridge

Night Flights 15/11/2019

A large group of the Bird Watchers Group met on 15th November for a private evening at the the Wisbech St Mary’s home of Fens Falconry. We were suitably attired for a cold and wet evening, but the heaviest rain held back until close to the end.

After a hot chocolate welcome in the main barn, we set off towards the aviaries, guided by the evocative call of a tawny owl. A tour of the pens showed us that the owls were beginning to get active, hungry for their evening meal. Some would be earning theirs by performing for us.

The show took place in the Fens Falconry floodlit arena, a large grassy area surrounded by trees. First up was a handsome barn owl, followed by a succession of other British and some exotic foreign owls. All members who wished to had the chance to don a falconry glove, and have birds fly to them and perch on their outstretched arm. The finale was a flying display by a magnificent European eagle owl. What a bird!

Part way through, we took a break to warm up around a wood fire, and enjoyed some scrumptious toasted marshmallows. An all round enchanting evening.