Sutton Bridge


Coronavirus (COVID-19)

General Meetings

On 20th March, the U3A Sutton Bridge Executive Committee made the decision to cancel the April, May and June General Meetings. Decisions regarding meetings from July onwards will be based on government advice together with any restrictions imposed on us at the time.

We are acutely aware that many of our members enjoy these monthly meetings very much, with the chance to meet and chat to friends, and listen to entertaining speakers. Our Vice Chair, Roger Lancaster, has committed to finding viable and creative ways for members to continue staying connected, and interacting in some way with other members and friends, whilst staying safe in their own homes.

Please check your emails regularly for communications from the Committee, your Group Leaders, and your friends. If you are not on email, we will find ways of getting messages to you!

U3A Day

This national event, which was to have been held on Wednesday 3rd June this year, has been cancelled.

National Office has asked all U3As to reserve Thursday 1st October 2020 as a fall-back date. However, our Committee proposes not to do this. The plan is for U3A Sutton Bridge to organise its own Awareness Day, after the coronavirus pandemic is over and it is safe to do so, on a date to suit our U3A and its members.

2020 Annual General Meeting

The U3A Sutton Bridge AGM, which was scheduled to take place on Tuesday 4th June, will not now take place on that date.

Our Constitution allows for the Executive Committee to determine the date on which the AGM is held during the calendar year, so there is some flexibility. This determination will be made once government restrictions have been lifted, and will follow advice from National Office. Once a date has been set, all U3A Sutton Bridge members will receive at least 21 days notice of that date.