Sutton Coldfield

Bird Watching on Cannock Chase 8th June

An evening meeting on Cannock Chase was certainly a different bird watching
experience. Even while we were gathering together on the car park, we had
Swallows swooping down on the insects that were trying to take a nibble out
of us. There was also a good view of a Pied Wagtail that was sat on the roof of
the White House building.

Walking away from the car park onto the Chase we had a Jay fly across the
path in front of us as the Linnets flitted about on top of the gorse that lined the
path. A large deer was spotted on the treeline and soon disappeared into the
woodland. We also saw Willow Warbler, Carrion Crow, Pheasant and a
Meadow Pipit. We followed the pathway and a Cuckoo was spotted in a tree
which stayed there for a while giving us very good views before flying off. It
wasn’t long before we heard two more and then one appeared in a tree for us
to study. Walking round, we were lucky to see a Long-eared Owl flying from
tree to tree before disappearing into a dip in the landscape. We also had a
view of anther one as it flew between the trees ahead of us. Then, at about
10pm, it was time to wait for the highlight of the evening, the Nightjar’s. First
we heard the churring in the trees and then one flying above us. We were also
treated to the sight of two Woodcock’s that flew above us.

When birdwatching you never know what you will see but thanks to the weather and
sharp eyes of members of the group it was a very good evening.