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Interest Assessment: Next of Kin

Interest Assessment: Next of Kin

This legitimate interest assessment has been compiled in order to set out the reasons why Sutton Coldfield U3A requests next of kin details.

Purpose Test

The reason that Sutton Coldfield U3A requests contact details for members next of kin is so that the committee and/or group organisers know who to contact in the event of an emergency. Sutton Coldfield U3A has a duty of care to its membership and in order to ensure your safety we need to be able to contact someone who can meet your welfare needs in the event of an incident/accident. Sutton Coldfield U3A requests members to inform the person identified as your next of kin that you have provided their details to the U3A. For certain events and trips, we may need to provide these details to a third-party. Sutton Coldfield U3A will always make you aware where next of kin information is requested as to who information will be shared with.

Necessity Test

The next of kin information provided by members would only be used in the event of a serious incident/accident. Sutton Coldfield U3A would use the information to contact someone who may need to collect the relevant member, support the relevant member or liaise, on behalf of the relevant member, with a third-party provider such as a medical professional. Sutton Coldfield U3A only requests minimal information regarding members' next of kin which includes a name, telephone number and the details of their relationship to the member.

Balancing Test

The next of kin data requested is minimal and is only that which is required to make contact with the individual in question. Sutton Coldfield U3A relies on its members to provide next of kin information and to make the individual aware that this information has been passed to the U3A and for what purposes it has been passed to the U3A. Sutton Coldfield U3A will hold this information securely and it will only be accessed by those who need to see it. The information provided will only be used to contact the next of kin where an incident or accident occurs that requires someone to take responsibility for the member in question. The data will not be processed for any other purposes.

Through compilation of this assessment Sutton Coldfield U3A considers that it has a legitimate interest to collect, hold and process next of kin information. This document will be held by the Committee and communicated to the membership, as required. The assessment will be reviewed every 2 years in order to ensure that legitimate interest remains the most appropriate lawful basis for gathering this information.

Next Review Date: 21/05/2020

A copy of this Interest Assessment: Next of Kin may be downloaded from the link on this page.

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