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Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop - free copy of version CS2

As explained in my recent email, Adobe have made an earlier version of their industry-standard Photoshop image editing software available completely free of charge.

The software can be downloaded from here - The registration key is shown on the page. Note: as of 2019 this is considered a very old version of Photoshop, there having been some 10 major revisions since it was first released. However it still performs many of the editing functions the later versions do, and is a good free way to hone your skills before purchasing a later version.

Photoshop Tutorials

I've put together a short list of both static and video tutorials specifically for those members who've either downloaded the free copy of Photoshop, or who want a bit of help with using their own copy. I've tried to pick older tutorials which describe what you'll find in the free version of Photoshop CS2 more accurately. Other tutorials for different versions of Photoshop which you might find on the internet will contain the same information, although you'll find that the layout of the interface of the software might be slightly different.

Written Tutorials

3/. - downloadable pdf tutorial

or select from some of the hints and tips listed here -

Video Tutorials

1/. - 127 short videos, 2 to 10 minutes each.
3/. - a selection of short tutorials, some better than others.

or run through the many tutorials listed here -

I've only looked at these fairly briefly and I can't say in absolute terms how good they are, but they should at least give everyone a good basic understanding of the software.

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