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Adobe Reader

Downloading Adobe Reader so that you can read Portable Document Format documents

Portable Document Format (pdf) is the most common format for documents which are downloaded from the internet. To read pdf documents, your computer needs Adobe Reader or similar software. Most computers already have this. If your computer doesn’t have it, follow the instructions below:

1. Click on this link - Download Adobe.
2. If your computer has Windows 7 go directly to step 6. Otherwise click on
Different language or operating system?
3. Click on the down arrow next to Select an operating system and select the one your computer has.
4. Click on the down arrow next to Select a language and select English (UK).
5. Click on the down arrow next to Select a Version and select the highest version number shown.
6. If it is present, un-tick the box next to Include in your download McAfee Security Scan Plus.
7. Click Download now and the software should be added to your computer. Depending on your operating system, some additional warning boxes may appear: if so click on “OK” or similar.