Sussex U3A Network

Shared Learning Projects

Shared learning projects (SLPs) are short, participatory learning activities lasting from several weeks to several months. They involve U3A members and, possibly other local parties such as schools or societies, interested in researching or developing a particular subject. They can be local or regional projects and often have sponsorship to assist them, eg South Downs National Park & National Lottery sponsored the recent Sussex Alphabet SLP.

[A.] Sussex Myths and Spirits

This is a SUN Shared Learning Project for SUN U3As, to be undertaken by various interest groups during 2018, culminating in a large, celebratory event in Brighton June/July 2019.
Sussex has a rich tapestry of legends, mixing history with myth. The term 'spirits' can be widely interpreted eg spiritual beliefs, ghostly spectres, brandy smuggling and the spirit of Sussex eg the armed forces, writers,inventors etc. We have a wealth of traditional songs and customs from across the old county, so lets get creative!
A presentation of your project suitable for display or performing can be shown at the final 2019 event.
Planning for this Brighton event will require assistance from various members, so a request for organisational help will be sent out in 2018.
UPDATE The event date will announced at the June SUN Reps meeting.
SUN has divided member U3As into five geographical areas and have provided an initial meeting in each area. We will invite any interested u3a trustees, group leaders, SUN reps and SEC members. Attendance to be booked with the host u3a co-ordinator.
There will be follow up meetings after the venue has been booked,in September to confirm details and their groups topics. Finally, there will be area meetings in Spring 2019 to finalise organisation and help for the big event.
It is suggested that each u3a has an SLP co-ordinator who motivates those groups interested, plus helps pass on and sort out the final arrangements.

See SLP Help page for resources and ideas for this project.

[B] Heroes and Heroines.

In addition to exploring the national stories of liberty, protest and rights, this SLP is working with Royal Holloway College on Citizens 800 years in the Making.
In addition to exploring the national stories of liberty, protest, rebellion and reform, we will work with museums, archives and galleries across the South East to identify local stories of the struggle for rights and liberty. This could relate to a local prominent reforming politician, a local suffragette or your town or village’s role or fate in such moments as the Peasant’s Revolt, the Civil War or the rise of Chartism. To support this project we are looking for community researchers to help identify and tell these stories, working with the university and your local museum or archive. This is your chance to tell the story of how your local community and your local heroes and heroines contributed to the evolution of our rights, liberty and democracy. Details are on the attached Citizens document.
Please contact Sandra Lawrence for further details.