Sussex U3A Network


In the current health crisis, many of our members will be housebound,'locked in' - not 'locked down' as that is a prison term! To help such members, Phil Joiner, Chair of Wanstead & Woodford U3A has kindly offered us his weekly bulletins, devised to provide some activities for those stuck at home. Here are Bulletins 1-4, Bulletin 5, Bulletin 6, Bulletin 7, Bulletin 8, Bulletin 9, Bulletin 10*, plus 10 Quizzes, Stop Press, Stop Press 2, Stop Press 3, Stop Press 4, Stop Press 5, Stop Press 6, Stop Press 7, Stop Press 8, Football & Dingbats, Dingbats 2, Stop Press 9, Stop Press 12, Stop Press 14, Keep Smiling 1 and Keep Smiling 5.

NB.Phil has included 5 quizzes in edition 10* and also the answers to both bulletins 9 and 10. You might be especially interested to take a look at pages 7 and 8 as there are about 90 sites you could visit FREE and without moving away from your tablet or computer. Also on pages 20 and 21 where there are 20 cartoons which he has been storing up!

It has been pointed out that the information about Mobile Phones on page 15 of Bulletin 10 may or not be correct, but perhaps something that is just going the rounds! I suggest that you do not try it (even if it is genuine!).

Autumn 2020
Phil has created new editions of armchair activities to see us through to the New Year:
Keep Smiling 1