Our Publications

These are publications that our members have been involved in:

All CW membersU3A Icy Times 2014December 2014Available here Icy Times 2014
Kathy BeachSully Remembers 1914 - 1918August 2014See link on main Creative Writing group page to Sully Remembers Booklet, top right
All CW membersU3A Summer Times 2014August 2014Available here Summer Times 2014
Audrey Hirst, Kathy Beach, Jayne MurphyLetters to an unknown soldierJuly 2014Letters
All membersU3A Winter TimesDecember 2013Available here Winter Times 2013
Kathy Beach, Jayne Murphy, Stella WellsChildhood Memories of WalesSummer 2013Contributions
All membersU3A Summer TimesAugust 2013Available here Summer Times 2013
Eileen Younghusband Men I Have KnownJuly 2013Available from Amazon3
Stella Wells & Noelle BryantThe Countess and the Mole Man: Winning Stories from the South Wales Short Story Competition 2012March 2013Available in paperback or for Kindle (same link)
Kathy BeachArticle on formation of Sully U3A Creative Writing GroupJan 2013Published in U3A Sources magazine and reproduced here.
All membersU3A Christmas TimesDecember 2012Available here Winter Times 2012
Eileen Younghusband Not an Ordinary LifeMar 2012Available from Amazon2
Eileen Younghusband One Woman's WarDec 2011Available from Amazon1