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Our Favourite Food Dishes

The holiday season is coming-up. Thinking of going abroad - These answers may help you. Have a go !!!!

1. What is traditionally made from pig's blood, pork fat, cereal and seasoning?

2. Covering meat, game or poultry with strips of bacon to prevent drying out during roasting is known as what?

3. What alternative name is given to the Norway lobster, which is larger that a prawn but smaller than a true lobster.

4. What is the name for a steak which has been cut from between two ribs?

5. What is the North African dish made from Durum Wheat and water to form small balls?

6. Which type of Indian cooking involves baking the food in a clay oven?

7. Which Spanish dish is cooked using rice, chicken, seafood and vegetables?

8. In 1988 which Government Minister had to resign following her remakes about Salmonella in eggs?

9. From which country does Jarlsberg Cheese come?

10. Which food condiment includes yellow, Bavarian and English?

11. By what name is the salad ingredient "arugula" better known as?

12. By what name is "aubergine" better known, in the USA?

13. The stigmas of which species of flower are used to make saffron?

14. What is the name given to the cold vegetable soup originating from Spain?

15. Originating in India, what name is given to the breakfast dish of hard-boiled eggs and flaked fish?

16. Which salad, with ingredients including walnuts, celery and apples gets it's name from a New York hotel?

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