Committee Members

The Stubbington U3A Committee

Name Official
Chris Adams Chairperson
Alan HathawayVice Chairperson
Mary PaddeySecretary
John PontingTreasurer
Brian SmaleAssistant Treasurer
Wendy TaftMembership Secretary
Sheila Simpson Assistant Membership Secretary, Beacon Co-ordinator
Karen AdamsSocial Secretary
Sue Ponting Group Co-ordinator
Maggie MorterAssistant Group Co-ordinator
John Preston Multi-media Co-ordinator

Other posts - (Members not on the Committee)

Jackie Watson Speaker Secretary
Diana Aldwinkle Disability Liaison Officer
Penny Bissell Coach Trips
Sheila Liggins Assistant Webmaster & GDPR
Glyn Macken Newsletter Editor
Bob Davis Newsletter Editor
Mike Watson Official Photographer
Sue Young Minutes and Bookings Co-ordinator
Mike Young Webmaster, Publicity, Meet and Greet.
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