Stroud & District


Applying to join Stroud & District U3A

We have a Membership Application form, which we'd like you to download, complete, and send back to our Membership Secretary (postal and email addresses on the form).

The application form is designed to be completed on your computer (not online). For some, this is fairly straightforward (e.g. users of Macs or Windows 10), but for others it can be quite tricky.

A reasonably foolproof method is to

  • open the form in your web browser
  • save it to your computer
  • edit it on your computer using Adobe Acrobat (on a Mac, Preview) and save it
  • email the saved copy back.

An alternative which some people have adopted is to print out the form, fill it in by hand, photograph it with their smartphone or tablet, and email the photo back. Please make sure it's sharp!

Failing the above, because the Committee have decided not to charge membership fees for the 2020-2021 season (due to the Covid-19 situation), we'll happily accept an email (at Membership Secretary) giving your title, name, address with postcode, landline and/or mobile phone numbers.

Once subscriptions renew, we may ask you to consider Gift Aiding them; but until then, we hope you'll enjoy membership.