Stroud & District


Bank Transfers

We've set up a new bank account, because the way the old one was set up meant that your bank couldn't recognise our account name.

The new account details:
Name: Stroud u3a
Sort code: 30-98-97
Number: 47710362

Please set the payment Reference to your surname and membership number (or forename if you've mislaid the membership number!)

anyway ...

Our current subscription, for the year 2021-22, is £12-00 (unless you're a member of another u3a which pays your capitation to the Third Age Trust, in which case it's £8-50). Subscriptions are renewable on the 1st September annually.

Applying ...

We have a Membership Application form, which we'd like you to download, complete, and send back to our Membership Secretary (postal and email addresses on the form). Contact him in case of trouble!

The application form is designed to be completed on your computer (not online). For some, this is fairly straightforward (e.g. users of Macs or Windows 10), but for others it can be quite tricky.

A reasonably foolproof method is to

  • open the form in your web browser
  • save it to your computer
  • edit it on your computer using Adobe Acrobat (on a Mac, Preview) and save it
  • email the saved copy back.

An alternative which some people have adopted is to print out the form, fill it in by hand, photograph it with their smartphone or tablet, and email the photo back. Please make sure it's sharp!

Renewing ...

We don't ask you to send us a new copy of the application form, unless your details have changed! and even in that case, an email or letter would be fine.

If you send your subscription by Bank Transfer, please let the Membership Secretary know.