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11 August 2020

With the lockdown limiting the activities of many individuals and groups it is great to see U3A members meeting the challenge. The following groups are continuing to 'meet' online and if you would like to join one of them, please contact the Group Leader, whose details can be found under the linked group listing, or contact Jane, the Group Coordinator:

Arts Appreciation Although we haven't 'zoomed' during lockdown our Leader, Mervyn Dawe, has kept in touch with us suggesting art programmes, documentaries and films for us to watch and may be discuss when we finally get back together.
Bridge Online More members would be welcome.
Creative Writing The groups continue to thrive. A new group (Group 5) has been set up specifically in response to this lockdown.
Current Affairs Continues to meet via Zoom.
Expressive Writing Meets fortnightly via Zoom.
French Book Club Happily continues to Zoom fortnightly.
French Intermediate and French Intermediate 2 will be joining together for Zoom sessions.
German (Practical) Have an active e-mail group for which text, photos and videos are contributed.
Italian (Beginners) Are meeting on line.
Literature 1 The group is meetine weekly via zoom.
Local Flora Members are keeping in touch via emails during lockdown. Several members make lists of the wildflowers they see on their walks or in their gardens.
Music Appreciation 2 Since the day before lockdown, Martyn Leighton has been sending out a fortnightly playlist to those on email/internet (all but 2), with a few reflections. That seems to have gone down well and usually generates 2 or 3 responses. It is a way of sharing music which a Zoom call doesn't enable. People can choose when, if and how much they listen.
Nifty Knitters We have met socially distanced in the garden, twice. We are meeting again in September, but what will happen in October..?
Play Reading 1 The group are meeting up every now and then and reading poems. They are also putting together some amusing clerihews which will appear in the September Information Email.
Reading - Book Club Meets up using phone, email, Zoom and WhatsApp.
Spanish Conversation Continues to meet weekly via Zoom (Thursday mornings) or on the Common.
Walking - Country Walkers (August) The group are gearing up to start walking again. They have circulated a set of walk rules based on government guidance and a walk details summary that is circulated to members in advance.

4 June 2020

As you will be aware, we've been sending out emails to all members (the information email, and quizzes).

Sending out 425 (currently) emails at once is liable to catch the attention of spam filters. Many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) won't let you do this, because it can lead to the ISP itself being blacklisted, to the detriment of their other customers.

We were taking advantage of Google's permission to send up to 500 emails per day, in batches of no more than 100.

This failed at the last attempt, most likely because the emails were reported as spam by one or more of our members who didn't want to receive the emails any more and used this as a way to stop them. We therefore can't continue to use this delivery mechanism.

We have found an alternative way to send emails, using Google Groups. We've set up a private group, and we're in the process of adding members' emails to this group (we're only allowed to add 100 per day). We've limited access so that no outsider can join, and even joined members can't see each other's email addresses or post to the group.

This group offers the ability for members to unsubscribe at any time. We sincerely ask members who don't want to receive these emails to unsubscribe rather than marking emails as spam; too many spam reports will result in Google closing the group, which would leave us unable to send general emails (information, quizzes, etc) to any of our members.

19 April 2020

Stroud U3A Under Lockdown

I think that it’s fair to say that the Corona Virus has severely disrupted our activities! There are no planned physical meetings but some activity groups are meeting online. We are also issuing a more frequent version of our information email - it was monthly.

It is very much our intention to get back to normal at the earliest opportunity but for that, we are dependent on our wider society itself also getting back to normal – we shall not do anything that will put the health of our members at risk.

Please do contact us if you have any queries about Stroud U3A, on 01453 767850 or at (or at Chair). In the meantime, please stay safe and well.


Clive Edgington
Stroud U3A