Here we are at the beginning of our twentieth year -with an almost full committee! I am looking forward to a good year and I hope you are too. Many thanks are due to our retiring members who have worked so hard. Thanks go especially to Joyce and Olive who are still helping the new officers Sheila and Stephen. I am pleased to welcome our honorary president Jackie Checketts back onto the committee as Groups Coordinator, Audrey Reid as Meet and Greetand Margaret Draper, former Speaker Secretary, as Minutes Secretary. As a fairly small outfit the General Data Protection Legislation hardly impinges on our work, but our draft policy will come before the committee next meeting;it will then appear in the newsletter so that you know that we will look after your data (name, address, email address and telephone number) and only use it in accordance with what you signed on the membership form. Has anyone a suggestion or two about us celebrating twenty years in 2020?

Norman Heads. (Chairman)