Stour Valley


The meetings, outings, social events and holidays listed below are open to all members

Groups also meet regularly and organise events and outings, details of which can be found on the Group pages of the website. Members need to belong to a Group to enjoy their activities.

Lecture Meetings are organised by a Committee at least one year ahead. Over the past few years we have been fortunate to have gained the services of speakers well known in the field of broadcasting, art, environment, energy, cartography, commerce and many who have shared their long distance travel experiences with us in illustrated talks.

The lectures are held monthly, (except December), on the second Wednesday of the month, in The Constable Hall, East Bergholt, CO7 6TP at 2.15 p.m. and are the catalyst to bring all the members together both to learn and to socialise. Questions are usually invited at the end of the lecture. Posters, designed to advertise each lecture are exhibited well in advance on notice boards within the Stour Valley area.

We particularly welcome new members and those who have not been to these talks before. Non members are most welcome to join us for the lecture in return for a donation of £3.00.

Further information on our Social Events - Summer meal - see below - Christmas meal - coming soon.

Additional details of our Garden Visits can be found by going to the Group page and clicking on the Garden Visits. All visits start from The Red Lion car park, East Bergholt.

Dates for your Diary
Wed Oct 10th Silk Weaving in Sudbury
Richard Heap, Production Director of Stephen Walters & Sons Ltd, covers the history of silk weaving and how it came to Sudbury; the Silk Road from China to Sudbury; how silk yarns are processed; the silk trade, partnerships and relationships with supplier and customer, and how the company engages with the local community and the environment.
Wed Nov 14th The Coast of East Anglia
David Simmonds, National Trust Speaker & Volunteer
The East Anglian coast is full of contrasts and has much beauty, history and wildlife. David Simmonds' talk focuses especially on National Trust coastal properties in Essex and Suffolk.
Thu Oct 25th Burghley House, Stamford, Lincs
Depart from Red Lion Car Park at 8.15 am. Leaving Burghley House at 4.00 pm for the journey home.
Cost £27 per person
Social Events
Fri Oct 26th Coffee Grinders Lambe School East Bergholt 10 - 12 am
Fri Nov 23rd Coffee Grinders Lambe School East Bergholt 10 - 12 am
Wed Dec 5th Christmas Lunch - Ipswich Best Western Hotel
Fri Sep 28th
→Thu Oct 4th
European Travel Group Italian holiday to Lake Garda
This trip is open for other members to join us - see European Travel Group page for contact details.
Sun Nov 25th
→Wed Nov 28th
Rhine Valley Christmas Markets
Fri Mar 15th
→Mon Mar 18th
Dutch Grand Masters trip to the Hague and Amsterdam
Sun Oct 20th
→Sun Oct 27th
Istrian Riviera