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Your details

All members can now change their personal details by going to the Members’ Portal of the Beacon website where Stokesley U3A record member's details.

You can:
1) update your personal details like address, email address and phone numbers.
2) review all the groups you are a member of and, if you wish, remove your name from a group that shows you as a member.


You will need to enter these details:

1) Membership Number - this will be on the letter or email that you received when you joined Stokesley U3A.
2) Your name - this is case sensitive
3) Your postcode - you must enter it in this format TS8 9TT (there must be a space between the two parts of the post code)
4) Your email address.

Click here to go to your membership details.


We understand that occasionally members of other U3A groups have not been able to access their information because Javascript is not enabled in their browser and they have received a message on the screen about this.

If this happens to you, this website will tell you what to do to enable Javascript.

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