Stockton u3ɑ Roll of Honour

Stockton u3ɑ was started in 1986 by a Steering Group led by Les Drinkel who brought the idea to Stockton and formed the Steering Committee.

The first Committee was elected in April 1987:
Chairman - Mr L Drinkel
Vice- Chair - Mrs A Keir
Treasurer - Mrs M Hall
Secretary - Mrs W Sidgwick

Other early Committee members included: Mrs D Thompson; Mr J Mulgrew; Mrs M Kilcoyne; Mr C Duddles; Mrs B Winstanley; Mr A Pratten; Mrs P Sole; Mrs Mason; Mr J Wood; Mr J Marshall.

Today, we recognise many people of that era as pioneers who contributed hours of their time and much energy into establishing, cultivating and maintaining the group throughout its infancy, and expanding the group through the many varied classes and events that took place. The u3ɑ they started has provided members with opportunities for fulfilment, personal well-being and enjoyment in later life.

In September 2015, almost at our 30th Anniversary, the Committee proposed and agreed to start a Roll of Honour on our own website, similar to that already established on the national website, to recognise members who have made a substantial contribution to our u3ɑ, either by loyal and longstanding attendance, leading a group or groups, committee work, or undertaking unseen tasks that make our u3ɑ run so well.

This Roll of Honour is intended to be a place for continuous recognition of individual members, as and when appropriate. It may be added to at any time. Any member may nominate another with their permission, and submit the Nomination Form to the current Committee for approval.

Roll of Honour

Ron Atkinson2015Longstanding member and group leader of Art Appreciation, Psychology and Concerns Now, former committee member, secretary and founder of the Bulletin
Doreen Everson2015Longstanding member and group leader of Light Entertainment and the Art Club, committee member and chairman
Lillian Lloyd2019Longstanding member and leader of the Bridge Group
Gordon Lloyd2019Longstanding member and leader of the Bridge Group
Tony Bainbridge2019Longstanding member and leader of the Classical Music Group
June Howells2021Longstanding member, committee member and leader of the Folk Dance Group
Patricia Marcus2021Chair during the 2020-21 Covid Pandemic
Christine Robertson2021Secretary during the 2020-21 Covid Pandemic