Steyning & District

About us

Here is some background information on our U3A, plus some contact details.

Who we are

Steyning and District U3A is a self-governing charity forming part of the UK-wide U3A movement, set up under the aegis of the Third Age Trust. As a charity we are registered with the Charity Commission (registered number 1155125) and follow their rules on the governance and conduct of small charities. Responsibility for meeting our legal and moral obligations rests with the elected Committee (more information below), the members of which are the formal Trustees of our charity.

How we work

We are governed by our 2016 constitution, which sets our overall aims and objectives and provides our operational framework.
You can see the more detailed Policy Documents and procedures if you click the appropriate link to the right:

Our U3A is managed by our Committee, which takes both strategic and operational decisions in line with our constitutional rules and the overall guidance given at our annual Annual General Meeting (AGM). The AGM also elects the members of the Committee and approves our annual accounts.

The Committee meets at regular intervals, usually every two months.
A Summary of Trustee Responsibilities and Duties can be found here: Summary of Trustees Duties

Our committee members

Here are our committee members. If you would like to send one of them an email, just click on the 'Bluebird' and select who you wish to send your message to.

----- Peter HilditchOverall coordination and strategy
Vice Chairman
[] Vacant
[] VacantCovering committee proceedings; general enquiries
Kim Kim Smith All financial matters, except membership subscriptions
Membership Secretary
[] Diann Clarke All membership matters, including subscriptions; membership database
Group Coordinators
[][] Mhairi Archibald and Sarah Warren Liaison with groups and group leaders
Peter JacksonPeter Jackson Website and online facilities
Newsletter Editor
[] Tony Struthers Quarterly Newsletter; other promotional material
Publicity Coordinator
[] Vacant
[] Vacant Coordination
Events Coordinator
[] Vacant Events
Catering Coordinator
[] VacantOverall coordination of catering at events
IT Coordinator
[] VacantIT Coordination, Website and database support
Committee Member without portfolio
[] Vacant_

Other contact options

We are always pleased when people get in touch with us, so don't hesitate! You can email us by choosing one of the committee members as explained above or, if you have a general query, you can click on this link: general enquiry. Alternatively you can write to us at Steyning & District U3A, PO Box 2595, Henfield, West Sussex BN5 0EA. Either way, do please tell us who you are, and give us an address (or email address) and / or a phone number if you would like us to get back to you. We do not have a phone number, although you can find some group leaders' numbers on our Groups page

Please note that Steyning and District U3A's policy is not to promote or publicise third-party organisations to its members, although at its discretion it may do so in the case of other charities having aims and practices that are compatible with its own.