Stapleford & District


Stapleford & District U3A has joined the local Cluster with Beeston, Ilkeston and Long Eaton & District U3As. We hope this co-operation will be to the mutual advantage of all members and help promote goodwill between our four organisations. Some basic details on the Cluster are below.

  • Members can join a maximum of 3 interest groups in the other 3 U3As without having to pay a membership fee.
  • Interest Group Leaders will have the right to veto whether or not to permit members from the Cluster to join their groups - and will always give priority to their own members.
  • Members can attend the occasional monthly meeting at one of the other U3As on payment of a Visitors fee. However, if they wish to go to the monthly meetings at the other U3As on a regular basis they will have to join them as an Associate Member.

Please visit the other U3As’ websites to see what Interest Groups they have - via the LINKS on this page - and if you are interested in any groups please contact the relevant Group Leader.