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Stanway u3a - Registered Charity No.1171008

Welcome to Stanway u3a website, we hope you find our site informative. If you haven't heard of the u3a movement before you'll find details about our activities, events and membership on our pages.

We provide activities and social events specifically for the semi retired and retired in our community, the fundamental belief being: learn, laugh, live.

Most of our information is public so please feel free to browse around. Links to specific contacts for our interest and activity groups are provided on all our Group pages so you can contact someone for further information. You can also use the Contact button in the main menu shown at the top of each page.

You'll find on this page below details of our membership, the u3a movement and an overview of Stanway u3a activities. We also have a Notice Board on this page where we post news or announcements of current interest.

We do hope you will join us!


All the information and forms needed for Stanway u3a membership are in this section.

You must be a current member to participate in u3a activities, to receive Newsletters and the Third Age Matters magazine, and to be covered by u3a insurance.

Our membership year runs from 1st May each year, subscription fees and remittance details are on the forms on this page. You can pay your membership fee online by Bank Transfer, or by cheque.


Must use the New member application 2022-23 form in the Links area on this page. If you are a new member joining between 1st January and 1st May your membership will run from registration until 30 April the following year.


Must use the Member renewal 2022-23 form in the Links area on this page. You have one month grace period so if you have not renewed by 1 June your membership will lapse.


Please use the Associate member new application 2022-23 form in the Links area on this page if you are a FULL MEMBER OF ANOTHER U3A (except Colchester with whom we have reciprocal arrangements). We are able to offer you new membership of Stanway u3a at a reduced rate as you will not be charged the Third Age Trust membership fee, or for the Third Age Matters magazine as this will be arranged through your primary U3A. You must provide evidence of your membership of another u3a.

Use the Associate member renewal 2022-23 form in the Links area on this page if you were already an Associate member with us in 2021-22.


All forms are provided in Word and PDF versions and can be downloaded from the Links area on this page, please ensure you remit the correct membership fee stated on the form.

Word versions of the forms are editable so can be completed electronically. Those forms that require your signature(s) will need to be printed and signed then scanned back in to attach if submitting by email.

Email your completed forms to, or post them to the address on the forms.

Further information

More information on the benefits of membership can be found below and on our Members page. For general membership enquiries please either call our dedicated telephone number 07561 135235 or use the Contact page to message our Membership Secretary.


The u3a movement is a unique and exciting organisation which provides, through its u3as, life-enhancing and life-changing opportunities. Membership of a u3a is defined not by a particular age but by a period in life in which full time employment has ceased.

Members come together and learn together, not for qualifications but for its own reward: the sheer joy of discovery. Members share their skills and life experiences: the learners teach and the teachers learn, and there is no distinction between them. The u3a movement is supported by the Third Age Trust. There are local u3as all across the UK with well over 425,000 U3A members in more than 1,043 u3as run entirely by volunteers. They draw upon the knowledge, experience and skills of their own members to organise and provide interest groups in accordance with the wishes of the membership.

ABOUT Stanway u3a

Established in 2008, Stanway u3a (alongside Colchester u3a), serves the people of Colchester and its surrounding towns and villages. We have around 700 members. We are a lively and friendly group of people who wish to continue to learn and take up new interests and activities in spite of, or because of having reached the "Third Age" – the period when we are no longer in full time employment. Join us and you will enjoy access to:-

  • 70 interest groups (go to GROUPS)
  • taster sessions and short term activities (go to GROUPS)
  • social events - (go to EVENTS)
  • visits to places of interest with guides and privileged access (go to EVENTS)
  • monthly member meetings with knowledgeable and entertaining speakers (go to EVENTS)
  • monthly newsletter (go to MEMBERS area)
  • "Third Age Matters" magazine, published by the Third Age Trust (go to MEMBERS area)


Stanway u3a is managed through an appointed volunteer Executive Committee and a number of active Sub-committees - see the photos on this page for further details.

The Executive Committee meets monthly (currently via Zoom) to review current and planned activities and events, and financial matters. Subcommittees usually meet quarterly and as the need arises.

Could you help with some of our management and administrative tasks? It can be very rewarding to put your skills and experience to use by getting involved even in a small way, any help is welcome. More details on the opportunities available are on our Members area. Send a message to Admin enquiries via the Contact page to express an interest.