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  Dining Out - Chatter & Platter
  Dining Out - Com Bon Appetit
  Dining Out - Curry Thursdays
  Dining Out - Krishna Curry Nite
  Dining Out - Lunchtime Friends
  Dining Out - Magnificent 7th
  Dining Out - Stanway Stars
  Dining Out - Tuesday Tearaways
  Dining Out - Wednesday Night Curry Club
  General - Family History Online
  General - Helping Hands
  General - Interpreting History
  General - Ladies Tea and Chat
  General - Military History
  General - Mindfulness
  General - Thinking Allowed
  General - Wine Appreciation (SWAG)
  Indoor Games/Craft - Backgammon
  Indoor Games/Craft - Canasta
  Indoor Games/Craft - Chess
  Indoor Games/Craft - Cribbage
  Indoor Games/Craft - Mah Jong
  Indoor Games/Craft - Needles & Pins
  Indoor Games/Craft - Rummikub 2
  Indoor Games/Craft - Rummikub 3
  Indoor Games/Craft - Scrabble 1
  Indoor Games/Craft - Scrabble 2
  Indoor Games/Craft - Scrabble 3
  Lang/Lit/Music - Books - Non-Fiction
  Lang/Lit/Music - Bookworm
  Lang/Lit/Music - Classics Reading
  Lang/Lit/Music - Creative Words
  Lang/Lit/Music - Creative Writing
  Lang/Lit/Music - Opera Appreciation
  Lang/Lit/Music - Poetry Appreciation
  Lang/Lit/Music - Sing from the Heart
  Lang/Lit/Music - Singing for Pleasure
  Lang/Lit/Music - Spanish Intermediate
  Lang/Lit/Music - Ukulele - Ukes 4 All
  Lang/Lit/Music - Ukulele - Ukes 4 Fun!
  Lang/Lit/Music - Writing From The Heart
  Out&About - Bikers
  Out&About - Church Visits
  -----More photos of churches we have visited
  Out&About - Elderberry Gardeners
  Out&About - Film Club
  Out&About - Garden Explorers
  Sports - Badminton Experienced
  Sports - Badminton MixedAbility Thurs am
  Sports - Badminton MixedAbility Thurs pm
  Sports - Croquet
  -----Croquet Group News
  -----How to play Croquet, a brief description
  Sports - Exercise For Seniors Mondays AM
  Sports - Exercise For Seniors Thursdays
  Sports - Golf
  Sports - Indoor Bowls
  Sports - Nordic walking
  Sports - Outdoor Bowls
  Sports - P├ętanque
  Sports - Pickleball
  Sports - Putt in the Park
  Sports - Squash 57
  Sports - Table Tennis
  Sports - Ten Pin Bowling
  -----Basics of ten-pin bowling
  Sports - Walking Cricket
  Sports - Walking Football
  Sports - Walking Rugby