St Ives (Cambs)

Meeting 10th October

U3A Science and Technology Group

Meeting held on 10th October 2018
Present: 5 members

The provisional programme was discussed and presentations requested from those present.
Suggestions for topics and visits in the future requested. Including:
• Cambridge Festival of Ideas 15-28 Oct.
• Life on other Planets
• Carbon Capture
• Whipple Museum (this is currently closed for building work) or alternatives
• Engineering of the D Day Landings

Hot Topic Discussions

Brief presentations and discussion of items in the news recently. The topics were:

• A new database that helps identify stars which may contain life
• A new surgical robot
• The recent news of cases of allergic reaction to food products
• The myths and reality around allergy
• The development of the High-Speed Train
• Review of a new book on the role of women chemists in WW1