St. Helens


St Helens U3A

Registered Charity No. 1145707

If you wish to send a message to the Committee with any general queries or suggestions for the U3A you can 'click' the link on the right. You do not need an email account to send a message, but please include a phone number or address so we can respond! If there is a specific question for a member of the committee, then 'click' the Contact 'tab' at the top of the page.


The St Helens U3A, the "University of the Third Age", in 2017 has been going for 7 years. From a modest start it had, in May 2017, some 740+ paid up members. Members can join in social activities and share learning experiences in more than 40 interest groups, whilst having the opportunity to meet and make new friends.

How to get involved and get in touch

As well as access to the 40+ interest groups there are social events and trips. There are also monthly general meetings and monthly informal 'drop-in' coffee mornings. If you are interested, then the details of how to join the U3A and/or where to experience the two monthly meetings, can be found on the How to Join page which you can access via the tab at the top of this page. In the same way, if you wish to see the what, the when and the where for the 40+ groups or the planned social events you can 'click' on the Groups or Social tabs above. The News tab has information on new and proposed activities as well as information on activities run by other organisations that we think our members would be interested in.

For more details of the general meetings or drop-in meetings you can visit the Events page via the tab above.

Most of the Group pages contain details of how to contact the group leaders. Again, no email account is required, but please include a means to contact you.