St. Helens

How to Join

It's really easy to join the U3A. Basically, you fill in a form, hand it in, pay a subscription, and are given a membership card (with your vital membership number).

Our membership year runs from September 1st to August 31st. Please renew your membership promptly and carry your membership card with you as you may be asked to show it at the general meeting and at group meetings.

Whether you are already a member or you are applying for the first time,
you can download a combined application/renewal form by clicking on the
link *"2018/2019 Membership/Renewal Form"* on the right hand side of this

When you have filled the form in, you can:

(a) Bring it to a General Meeting, or
(b) Bring it to a Drop-in, at World of Glass Cafeteria.
(c) Post it to Peter Ashworth, at the address shown on the form.

When you hand in or post your form, you will also be asked to pay a subscription of £15 for the year. This pays for:

  • The right to be, and call ourselves, a U3A, and use the U3A logo;
  • Insurance cover for whatever activity you are doing;
  • The "Third Age Matters" Magazine, which is our national magazine;
  • This website, and the support that makes it possible;
  • The Newsletter. We have a small grant to help with this, but this is solely to enable us to upgrade the appearance with colour printing, etc. The the U3A has no other grant aid or official financial support.
  • Expenses for committee members or group leaders, which are incurred in the doing of their duties. People often choose not to claim expenses, but as volunteers, we should not trade on their goodwill. They are all volunteers!
  • Necessary expenses for any U3A member who is an "official delegate" to a meeting at which we need/want to be represented;
  • Meeting other commitments such as rentals for the World of Glass, the Town Hall, rooms used for meetings, and so on.

In addition to this annual charge, you will be asked to pay £2.00 each time you attend a Group meeting. The money collected in this way goes towards the rent of the accommodation. Each group decides how to organize and pay for refreshments and materials.