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Spelthorne Computer Courses

Spelthorne Borough Council Computer Training Courses

Spelthorne Borough Council now offer a variety of computer courses in libraries and Community Centres. It is also intended to run a course for SU3A and for SU3A K2 members at Thomas Knyvett College.

Computer Training Courses at Libraries
Staines Library offers a free three session course for beginners to Computing. However, there is a waiting list. It is computer based training with members of staff on hand to assist when needed.
The first session is about the use of the mouse and keyboard.
The second session is a basic introduction to using the internet.
The third session is an introduction to using email. Each person will be signed up for a free email address.

Ashford Library intends to follow suit later in the year. It already has a waiting list!

Sunbury Library is not participating yet.

Computer Training Corses in Spelthorne Community and Day Centres
The Spelthorne Community Centres at Staines, Ashford and Sunbury offer members (membership is £15.00pa) tuition for complete beginners to those who want help in more advanced areas. You can drop in or telephone to book. The courses are usually one to one and tuned to individual needs.

Sessions at Staines Community Centre (01784 463073) are £3.50 per hour for one to one sessions on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Staines can also cover provide training in use of ipads, mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras and laptops.

At Ashford Fordbridge Centre (01784 243880) the hourly one to one sessions are on Tuesdays (am and pm) and cost £3.50 per hour for individual tuition.

At Sunbury Benwell Centre (01932 784232) the hourly sessions are on Wednesdays (am and pm) and cost £4.00 for an hour.

Computer Classes at Thomas Knyvett College for SU3A and SU3A K2 members

Thomas Knyvett College had intended offering computer classes for SU3A and SU3A K2 members starting in late February 2013. This has not proved possible and the School now intends to schedule the classes in May/June 2013. These are intended to cover the range of learning from basics up to more advanced levels and would use the PCs at the school. Each course would last about 6 to 8 weeks in 1 ½ hour sessions from 15:30 - 17:00, after school finishes. So far 15 members from SU3A and 15 members from SU3A K2 have expressed interest.
THomas Knyvett College is on the right hand side on the road that extends from Ashford High Street over the Railway bridge towards Ashford Hospital

All interested, available members atttended a briefing meeting hosted by the college to hear from their I/T Manager, Barry Bolton about the range of training they could offer. This meeting took place at 2.30pm 15 January at the Learning Resource Centre at Thomas Knyvett College. Details about the potential course were given to those attended and are also given below.

The courses they can offer are :

Basic Computing (using mouse and keyboard)
Computer Management (Managing your files using My Documents, My computer)
Handling Photographs and transferring them to your PC.
Intermediate Computing (Copy/Pasting images and text)

Othe subjects as requested.

Anyone else who is interested should contact David Beaumont (SU3AK2) by email beaumontdavid@hotmail.co.uk or by telephone on 01784 241721 or
p.ridgway@talktalk.net (SU3A)