Spelthorne K2

AGM 2020

Introduction to the Zoom AGM

As all of you will know, for several months now Coronavirus has prevented us from having our monthly meetings at the Salvation Army Citadel. A number of our groups have started using the computer application "Zoom" to hold virtual meetings and your Committee has now decided to try Zoom for virtual monthly meetings.

We are planning to hold ZOOM virtual monthly meetings with a speaker in September and October on the normal second Thursday of the month. In November we are planning to hold a ZOOM virtual AGM followed by a speaker. Our AGM is normally in October but we need the additional time in order to prepare for this virtual meeting.

For advice on joining the ZOOM virtual AGM meeting please click on Zoom For Beginners

In order to include all our members in any decision making, including those who do not use the internet, all voting and questions will be determined before the actual meeting by a combination of email and postal communication. During the AGM the yearly report, financial report and other business will be presented and the results of the voting and answers to any questions submitted beforehand will be reported. In order to give people the opportunity to vote and to ask questions the reports will be made available before the meeting itself.

Please click here to see an Introduction to the 2020 AGM

Please click here to see the 2020 AGM Agenda

Please click here to see the 2019 AGM Minutes

Please click here to see the 2020 Financial Report

Please click here to see the 2020 Proposed Constitution Amendment

Please click here to see the 2020 Committee Nominees List

Please click here to see the 2020 AGM Voting Form

Call for Nominations to the Committee

The AGM is also the time when the Committee has to step down and when all Officers and Committee members have to be elected by the membership. Some current members of the Committee will be prepared to stand for re-election.

K2 Members are also free to nominate other candidates for Officers and Committee members. If you wish to nominate someone please be sure that they are willing to stand for election and to become a Trustee of K2. Please send details of your nomination by email or post to arrive before 1st October 2020, to Mrs June White, 37 Chaucer Road, Ashford, TW15 2QU. email rossmore37@phonecoop.coop

Please note that when the social isolation ceases we will need a Social Secretary to organize outings, dinners, etc. Anyone prepared to take on this role will be welcome on the Committee.

Each nomination must be supported by a named proposer and seconder. You may use the nomination form on our website or simply supply the three persons names via email or post if that is simpler.

Please click here to see the Committee Nomination Form.