Spalding & District


When I joined S&D U3A one of the joint leaders of the Happy Wanderers was Hilary Burt, I took over as the other leader with Hilary and we worked together for several years. Due to health issues Hilary had to stand down as a joint leader and a walker but became an active member and joint leader of the Strollers.
I have now learnt that Hilary is not renewing his membership of the branch.
I. and I am sure many Wanderers and Strollers, wish to express many thanks for all the work put into the walking groups by Hilary and to wish him and his wife a happy and healthy future.
We shall miss you.


Bowls The summer season started for S & D Indoor Bowling on Monday 29th April when 32 members met up at the Castle Sports Centre. It was good to see ten members taking their first taste of the sport with expert coaching from David Staples assisted by his wife Janet. many thanks to them both for their assistance. Twenty two 'bowlers' then sorted themselves out on other rinks and enjoyed a couple of hours on the carpet.


I had been invited to attend the Music Appreciation Group, Music Appreciation. although perhaps for me it was more “music apprehension” as I didn’t know what to expect. Would it be too high brow for me? Meeting with a friendly group of people I was soon made to feel at home as I took a seat on the sofa and the CD player was switched on. The beautiful music from composer Patrick Hawes filled the room as we listened to the soaring orchestral music and solo soprano performing “Prayer to a Guardian Angel”, the first track on his “Angel” CD. We travelled to Philadelphia with Dire Straits, and walked the shore line to the sound of the clarinet with Acker Bilk. The afternoon continued with tea and cake accompanied by our foot tapping to the familiar sounds of Doris Day and Glen Campbell, finally returning to the theme of angels to hear the haunting “The last lullaby”, the final track on the “Angel” CD. What a lovely relaxing afternoon. If you want to know more about this Group, who meet once a month just for the pleasure of listening to such a variety of music, and to share memories the music evokes, then please contact me, Sheila Field – Group Co-ordinator, for more information


Joan. Thank you Joan
On a lovely, sunny afternoon the Wednesday Luncheon Group met at the Bluebell Inn at Whaplode St Catherine where members had a traditional carvery and a wonderful choice of desserts. Joan Gibbs has been organising these monthly lunches, enabling members to sample the different restaurant and pub menus in the company of good friends, for ten years. This would be her last time as Group Leader as she felt it was time for someone else to take over.
A gift token and flowers were presented to Joan with the heartfelt thanks of everyone within the Group.


U3A Author’s first book - Surfleet in the 1950’s Tony Blissett
Our congratulations go to Tony Blissett who has had his first book published “An Account of Surfleet in the 1950’s”
Tony who leads the Tuesday Art Group and more recently, shares Group Leadership of the History Group, was always interested in the history of his home village, and he has for the past fifteen years, jotted down his recollections and memories.
Spurred on by his membership of the History Group and their general discussion for publishing ideas, Tony fished out his notes and with the help of his teacher daughter, the idea for his book was formed.
“Memories of the village and the people, their lifestyle, are all important. If they remain unrecorded then they are lost. These memories may not be highly important today or in ten years time, but as the years roll by they become more and more important”
Anyone who knows Surfleet now will see how significantly it’s changed over the years, typical of most villages. As Tony has said it was a different world then!


RND 2 On a really blustery Red Nose day, members of our U3A RND 1 gathered outside the Red Lion
Hotel in Spalding market place to raise monies for Comic Relief, entertain the Friday shoppers and to have lots of fun!
Enthusiastic and energetic members of our fun disco dancing group gave an hour-long display, followed by music from the four piece band made up of our members.
RND 1 Red wigs were kindly supplied by Claire’s Accessories, adding colour to the performers and bucket shakers.
Congratulations to Jon for organising this event and to everyone who took part. In the two hours we raised £440.01 for this worthy cause.


S&D U3A Has Got Talent Monday Art Group

Jill Picture Bev Picture Monday Art Group
Gill Harkness, Beetroots, Bev Healey, Tulip Fever, and Pam Wood, A Dutch Tulip Field, have been selected for showing at the South Holland Open Arts Exhibition in April. The ladies are members of the Spalding and District U3A Monday Art Group. Congratulations ladies.Thank you to everyone who donated their time.


Marys Meals
Last Autumn I appealed to the generosity of our members to help underprivileged children in struggling countries such as Malawi.

The children there desperately need what we take for granted as basic provisions in life – food and an education. Where they can go to school, they receive a meal each day and for around £14 a child can have something to eat every school day for one year. There are at present some 1.4 million children now receiving food which they would not normally have received thanks to the Mary’s Meals charity.

However, to attend school they require basic equipment such as notebooks, pens, pencils, crayons, eraser and sharpener, clothes, towel, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, spoon and ball.

They have none of these and this is where we have helped.

Thanks to some of you and people from the village I now have twenty-five backpacks filled with these items. They await collection to be transported to Glasgow from where they will be distributed to these needy youngsters.

Since the scheme started in 2005 people from schools, churches and many organisations have provided over 500000 bags and I am pleased to think that we have contributed and are included in that number.

Thank you so much for helping to bring some pleasure into the lives of these people. I can assure you these backpacks are greatly appreciated.

Ken Bush