Spalding & District

Family History Group Report

Family History 2017 This ever popular group continues to surprise and delight it's members as they find out how their families lived and worked years ago and how our past has shaped our present day lives. Years ago a very common occupation was as Agricultural Labours or 'Ag Labs' as they were known. All over England there were many more farms, all very labour intensive, not like nowadays.
Currently we have been remembering those ancestors who fought and died in the world wars. Using the computers in Spalding Library, which have Ancestry and Find My Past software, to aid us in our search for information on their service careers, were they died, are buried and who survived.
Many of us have found that our ancestors had very large families and 10 - 12 children was not uncommon. The sad fact was that a large number died either in childbirth or at a very young age of various diseases. This changed when the immunisation laws were made mandatory. Two children, of my ancestors, died of small pox when their father refused to let them be immunised by going to court to stop it. The Magistrates comment, when he had to uphold the decision, was 'I am glad there are not many people like you'.
We have lost some of our members who have decided they have achieved what they wanted and have filled the vacancies from our waiting list.
The group is looking forward to finding out more interesting facts in 2017.