Spalding & District

Book Reviews


October 2018
The watchmaker of filigree street by Natasha Pulley
This is a fantasy, historical, fiction book. It is the authors first novel and was generally considered fairly readable by the group after a slow start. We would give it 3-4*/5.

An Evil Mind August 2018
An evil mind by Chris Carter

This is a story based on some facts from when the author worked for Michigan state attorneys criminal psychology team, when he helped interview criminals, including serial killers. The killer in this story is identified at the beginning and as the story unfolds we find out how and why he killed his victims.


The Year After March 2018
The year after.
Martin Davies

This is a story about people in the upper classes coping with life after the first world war. It covers survivor guilt, reluctance to talk about what happened and there is also a murder mystery to be solved from before the war. It was not popular with the group and was only given 1*/5