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Free Online Learning Resources 2019-2020

Getting Us All through These Dark Days

My Dear Friends,

Many of us will now be self-isolating for the next few months and we have had to stop our face-to-face group meetings. However, this does not mean that we cannot meet on-line, in small groups, using group Skype video calls and the online learning resources which I have added to this webpage during the last couple of years.

All that is required is for the group facilitators to find out whether their Internet connections have download speeds of between 20 and 70mb and upload speeds of between 10 and 20mb and that the group members have computers with webcams.

Below I have listed the URL`s for two simple `You Tube` tutorials which will show you how to create and contact your Skype groups, how to share screens so that everyone is able to see and use the learning resources, how to comment on the learning and how to send files and images using the text box at the bottom of the Skype page.

For those experiencing Skype sound and video connection issues, there is the possibility to use `Zoom`. Of course, many members may already be using this platform to meet with their family members. Please note that when using Zoom, there will be time limits on your sessions. More information about using Zoom may be found in the right-hand menu of the Russian Language and Culture web-page. If you have any further questions, then please do contact me.

Let`s show the UK how our wonderful U3A branch is keeping up everybody`s spirits and how we are continuing to learn and socialise in our time-honoured way.

Chris Devereux, MOOC Facilitator, Southport U3A.