This page tells you all about becoming a member of Southport U3A, the benefits this will bring and how to join us.


Anyone in the Third Age – beyond full time employment – can join the U3A and this includes people who are working part time. There is no lower or higher age limit. New members are very welcome.


  • make new friends with similar interests to you
  • join in our activities at the Monthly Meeting and hear speakers
  • learn new skills and expand your existing ones
  • join many groups covering a wide variety of interests, hobbies, skills
  • start new groups yourself using your skills, or passion for a hobby and share with other members
  • take part in Outings, Coach trips, Theatre visits, Wine tasting, Eating out, etc
  • receive your quarterly newsletter
  • have access to all news and information through the U3A website

• come along to the monthly meeting in Christ Church, Lord Street, Southport on the first Thursday of the month and you will be shown to the Membership table, where you can complete an application form. At the moment our monthly meetings are not being held due to Covid-19. Please watch the NEWS page for an update when they start again

  • click the link to download an Application Form (PDF). On the form you will find instructions for postal applications. Your membership card will be sent to you as receipt of your payment

If you wish to try us out before joining you may attend the monthly meeting as a guest for a £1 fee

If you are a UK taxpayer please complete the Gift Aid section as we may then collect money from the Tax Authority.

Annual membership cost is £10. Due to the Covi-19 situation the membership of all existing members has been extended and will be renewed on 1st February 2021. In order to be fair on new members applying, applications should be made after 1st December 2020 for the following year. You will then be accepted for the full year through to 1st February 2022. Any applications received before this date will be held for processing during December. Applications made after 1st February 2021 will still need to pay the full £10 fee.

The membership fee covers your inclusion in all groups you join; some will have a small additional fee for the cost of room hire or equipment which is shared across participants. Theatre trips, wine tasting, meals etc all have to be paid for separately

If you wish for more information, or to ask any questions, click the link to email the Membership Secretary.

Existing members will be sent a Renewal Notice during January They will have THREE ways of renewing their membership. They can:

  • renew online using the Beacon system by clicking the link to the Membership Renewal Online page on this site
  • return the printed renewal notice (see note below) together with a cheque and Stamped Self-Addressed Envelope to the Membership Secretary who will send them their new card
  • renew by clicking the link to the Renewal Form (PDF), download, print (see note below) and complete the form and post to the Membership Secretary together with a Stamped Self-Addressed Envelope. If you choose this option, please make sure to quote your existing membership number at the top of the form

If you do not have a printing facility then please write out your details on a piece of paper and submit using one of the two methods above.