Meetings and Events

Southport U3A holds a General Meeting on the first Thursday of each month at 10:00 in Christ Church, Lord Street, Southport. Future meetings are shown at the end of the list below.

The meetings provide an opportunity to learn about new developments and what is happening in other groups. At each of the meetings an invited speaker will talk about a topic of general interest or activity.

The Dates for your Diary below are events organised by Southport U3A for all members to participate in. You do not have to be a member of a group to participate in any of the these events.

Dates for your Diary
Social Events
The next Christmas meal for members will be at the Bliss Hotel (ex-Ramada), The Waterfront, Southport on Friday, 13th December.

Don't worry about the less than auspicious date, it will be a great event as it always has been in the past with a three-course lunch, comedian and dancing. Plus...a raffle! Tickets are £26 available at the monthly meeting from August. Get in quick, places are limited.
General Meetings
Click the link to view AGM Notice 2019. Click this link to view AGM 2018 Minutes.
Thu Jan 2nd 2020 Speaker Andrew Wilde
A user-friendly chance to learn something of the great composers and hear extracts from their work by an award-winning pianist who has played with many of the world’s top orchestras.
Thu Feb 6th 2020 Speaker David Morris: The Potential of the Human Whistle
The World Champion Whistler demonstrates his craft and talks about his travels and how his whistling skills have led to work in advertising, film and TV.
Thu Mar 5th 2020 Speaker Zoe Gibson: American Presidents
A light hearted look at some of the more interesting Presidents, how they came to power and what was happening in their era. What did they achieve, why did they fail, “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”.
Sun Apr 5th 2020 Speaker David Hearn: Liverpool Lives
A light-hearted, but informative, look at some of the characters from the City who deserve to be better known, including a few surprises.
Thu May 7th 2020 Speaker Frank Nicholson: What Glaciers Have Done For Us
How glaciers reshaped our geography, changed our climate and still provide us with diverse resources from agricultural land to hydro-electricity. Including illustrations from the Wirral.
Thu Jun 4th 2020 Speaker Jorgen Petersen: Hans Christian Andersen
How the childhood of the Danish boy who left home at 14 shaped his world-famous stories. His struggles with the Copenhagen elite and his difficult dealings with Charles Dickens.
Thu Jul 2nd 2020 Speaker Gill Russell: Stranger in a Strange Land
A look at some of the experiences of being a British ex-pat in Japan. Gill lived in the country for four years.
Thu Aug 6th 2020 Speaker Paul Carter: Spotting Alcohol Abuse Early
How the personal experience of losing a loved one through alcoholism may help others. And a reminder that it is not merely a disease for people on the street.
Thu Sep 3rd 2020 Speaker Barry P Humphries: How We Used to Live in the 50s
From rationing to the beginning of the consumer society. The modern world begins to make itself known by way of the Festival of Britain, television and the motorcar.
Thu Oct 1st 2020 Speaker Anthony Poulton-Smith: The History of Lancashire Place Names
A chance to find out more about how some of our familiar - and not so familiar - cities, towns and villages were Christened.