Southend on Sea



Rapidly it spread from nation to nation,
An invisible menace, set on world domination.
To our shores this unwanted occupation,
Forcing the populace into self isolation.
Loo rolls, pasta and hand sanitation,
Stripped from shelves to near decimation.
Behind closed doors our worried population
Missing loved ones enforced separation.
No football, concerts or church congregation,
A gathering invokes strong condemnation.
As the rich and vain bestow lifestyle education,
It’s the lowest paid who became our salvation.
Stay safe and keep strong determination
This virus will reach its final termination.

Lynn Page

I would like to thank all of you who have sent me a message through e-mail. I am doing well, busy sorting cupboards, garden, doing jigsaws, reading etc. Not at all like my usual life but all we can do. Do take care, keep safe and keep in touch.

Diane Silverston



Hello, I hope you and your families are keeping well and coping with these strange times.
Our homes and gardens are certainly getting extra attention.
We are so lucky that the weather is good and Springtime is here.
I think it will be some time before we are able to meet again but I am looking forward to that time.
Do take care, look after yourselves and keep in touch.
Best wishes from
Diane Silverston (Chair)

Southend Coronavirus Action Helpline
01702 212497

Worried? Need some help?
If your friends and family are not nearby or able to help and you have no local support from the community, then please call us.
Perhaps you need help with tasks like grocery shopping or are feeling isolated during this time?
You are not alone and if you do need us, we are here.
Your council, our partners, and some caring local volunteers will support you.

Please phone 01702 212497
Monday to Friday 9 – 5pm, Saturday & Sunday 10 – 2pm.

We have a friendly team on hand to answer your questions, or help you get the support you need, whether it's a few essentials from the shop, or someone who cares that can call you regularly for a chat, to make sure you're alright.

Please don't worry about this virus on your own, and importantly, please follow Government guidance on self-isolating, what to do if you have symptoms and staying at home wherever possible.

Who are we?
We are Southend-on-Sea Borough Council, Southend Association of Voluntary Services (SAVS), South Essex Community Hubs (SECH) - and a host of wonderful volunteers from across the borough, who have signed up to support people in the community with their needs at this time.

Could you volunteer and work with us to help others?
If you are able able to help those who need it near you, then please do consider volunteering.

Just fill in our short form and a representative will contact you to discuss how you might be able to help.

Please join and share our Facebook Page:

Thank you to everyone who gets involved. We're seeing so much kindness in our borough at this difficult time.


Strange times and unusual situations.
Told we need to stay in isolation.
Our lives for some time won’t be the same.
People will have to agree to play the game.

All the cultural sites are closed to you.
Theatres, clubs, pubs and restaurants too.

Help neighbours and friends is the call of the day.
Original plans have to give way.
Making things safer has to begin.
Everything must be done to help us win.

Diane Marylyn Silverston

Southend U3A is over 30 years old!

U3As are self-help, self-managed, lifelong learning co-operatives for older people no longer in full-time work, enabling members to share in a wide range of interest groups and pursue learning not for qualifications but for fun. There are over 1000 U3As across the country in this growing dynamic organisation.

Southend-on-Sea U3A, formed way back in 1987 and we recently celebrated our 30th birthday. It is unusual in holding meetings every week, rather than monthly (except for the summer month of August).

We meet on Tuesdays at Westcliff Free Church, near Westcliff Library. Doors open at 2pm, notices are read at 2.20pm and speakers start at 2.30pm. Sometimes, instead of a speaker, we feature a presentation by one of our wide and and expanding selection of study groups.

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At Southend on Sea U3A in Essex

We have all now reached that certain age,
Silver surfers, you know are all the rage,
But we’re still keen to do lots more,
We’re not giving up, that’s for sure.
Of course we like to sit and chat,
But we can do other things as well as that.
Sew a bag or do a quilt design,
Make coloured bunting to hang in a line.
Knit a hat or a baby’s vest,
Take a four mile walk, have lunch and a rest.
If your computer starts to trouble you,
We have a member who knows what to do.
Some of us may take the chance
To meet our friends and have a dance.
Playing cards we find such fun,
A Mahjong group has just begun.
Horticulturists enjoy growing plants from seed,
Another group meet a play to read.
Some to the theatre like to go
To see a professional or local show.
Some like quiet and paint for pleasure,
Others read books and discuss at leisure.
Some choose favourite poems to recite,
Others attempt poetry forms to write.
Stories from our group start to unfold,
From visiting speakers tales are told.
Coach trips we take to various places
Visiting religious buildings and historical spaces.
One History group study events of long ago
Another looks more locally at places we know.
Our aviators discuss planes old and new,
Tuesday singers number quite a few,
With songs to sing, and music to play,
Our Ukulele players also strum away.
Two groups are busy researching Art,
WISH members study the woman’s part.
Diner’s club try out many a meal,
Wine tasters check out a real good deal.
Photos many of us like to take,
Monthly displays on the board we make.
And for some of us, at the Weekends
A chance to walk and meet good friends.
So keeping active you must agree,
Helps us to keep fit, as you can see.
We’re a happy bunch and friendly too,
Because we have so much we like to do.
We might have reached that certain age,
But remember silver hair is all the rage.
And finally we have to say,
We glad we’re members of Southend U3A.

Poem by Diane Marylyn Silverston


To ask about joining Southend-on-Sea U3A, or for any other query, please use the contact form on the Contact Page of this website.