Southend on Sea


We meet on Tuesdays at Westcliff Free Church, near the Library. Doors open at 2pm, notices are read at 2.20pm, and speakers (or group presentations) begin at 2.30pm. We do not meet during the month of August.

We hold an Open Day once a year at which our groups display examples of their activities, ranging from photography to crafts, from theatre appreciation to playing the ukulele, from history to knitting and nattering.

Each year there is a Summer Lunch and also a Christmas Lunch - both extremely popular.

Coach outings are a popular feature of our programme.

  • Chairman's report : For this report, click the link on this page.

A thought:

True Friendship

When a person
Is just as happy to be with you when you are down as when you are celebrating,
Calls in for a chat and to make you a “cuppa”,
Sends a card, text or flowers,
Shops for you,
Cooks for you,
Takes you to appointments,
Spends an evening cheering you up,
Meets you when you are out,
Goes for “retail therapy” with you,
Makes you smile or laugh,
Comforts you when you need it,
Listens to you and helps you get through the dark times,
Is there for you -
Thank you to so many true friends.

Diane Silverston

Dates for your Diary
Tue Mar 17th
→Mon Apr 6th
Due to the latest news and advice, it is with the deepest regret that we have decided that our Tuesday General Meetings at the Hall will have to be cancelled until further notice.
For further information about Study Groups please contact Group Leaders.
Would all Group Leaders please make sure all their members are kept informed.
Thank you.
Take care, look after yourselves, and keep in touch with each other.
All the best,
From Diane Silverston and the Committee.

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