South West U3A Region

Messages to Chairman and Secretaries

Memo being sent out to all SW U3A Region Chairmen and Secretaries,
The web site was updated by Ann Mary and I have taken on the role of Webmaster, Speaker Database and Events Coordinator. The web site is only as good as the up to date news that is supplied to me! Keep it coming in! Similarly the speaker data base can be extremely useful. If you find a good speaker, don't keep it to yourself. Angela Shields

SW Regional Website
We would love you to send me articles to be posted on the website, for example:-
news articles with photos of no more than 150 words
information about Study Day/workshops/Conferences you are arranging
Shared Learning Projects. Len Haysom who is SW support for Shared Learning Projects has given me information about 13 U3As which are involved, along with a brief description about the interesting projects they are involved in.

Speakers Database
Sometimes it is difficult to know who to ask to speak at your monthly meetings. To help with this, I have offered to maintain a SW Region Speakers Database to contain details about speakers you would like to recommend to other U3A's. They will be put on the website (excluding contact information and comments, which can be obtained from me directly) for everyone to share and enjoy. This should make the Speaker secretary's job much easier. The process and template can be found on the Links/doc. tab. Please pass on to the Speaker Secretary who can then liaise with me.

There are several really interesting Study Days, Workshops and Conferences organised by individual U3As, open to SW Region members. Unfortunately, individual members are often not aware of these events. So from now on, you can send me this information, with supporting documentation, to be posted on the website. I do have guidelines and templates for organising study days, which will be added onto the website, once I can find a couple of people or so in the South West to ratify them. If anybody is interested, please ask them to contact me.