South West Region

Shared Learning Projects

This page contains information about Shared Learning Projects.

  • Shared...Two or more partners
  • Learning ...Involves active learning
  • Project...Defined timeframe with beginning, middle & end
  • Shared ...Results shared with a wider audience

We currently have vacancies for 2 new Shared Learning Project coordinators in the meantime please contact the national SLP coordinator Jennifer Simpson.
A variety of fascinating SLPs have taken place in the South West some of these are listed below. A Shared Learning Project (SLP) can be a partnership of one or more u3as with an outside institution such as a University, a Museum or a charity such as the National Trust. Or it can be an agreed project shared between two or more u3as, for example a project featuring a coastline, a river or a shared historical study shared between several u3as in a particular area.
This type of project usually lasts from between 3 months to 1 year.

Two exciting new projects are due to begin in your area very soon. These are The National u3a High Street Project and a new Shared Learning Project in partnership with King's College London funded by the Wellcome Trust called "Our 1901 Postal Pensioners".

Bath u3a
Surveying cemetery chapels in the area

Bath & Wells u3as
Researching objects in Bath Museum

Devizes u3a
Involved in archive research at Lacock Abbey on grotto and water gardens development and biographies of 13 owners – These to be made available to visitors.

Minehead & District u3a
Minehead and District SLPs
In 2014, Minehead’s first SLP on the history of the town’s old hospital was successfully completed. In March of that year, the new Minehead Museum was launched and our SLP became one of its exhibits that year. The museum, although small, is thriving and the old hospital SLP was still on display as the fifth anniversary was celebrated in March 2019. The curator, Julian Luke has been very keen to work with the u3a and has encouraged U3A members to undertake research on topics for annual exhibitions designed to maximise the viewing of as many artefacts as possible. To date, Minehead U3A has completed a further three SLPs with the museum. They are listed below in chronological order.
2015 -2016: Entertainment and Leisure in Minehead’s past
2016- 2017: Maritime Minehead
2017-2018: Minehead on the Move

Norton Radstock with Downside SLP
The u3a Downside Shared Learning Project is using our u3a volunteers to contribute to another important project at the School. We are helping to conserve the photographic memorial of more than 200 boys killed in service during the First and Second World Wars. Downside SLP

Plymouth u3a
1. Many of the paintings in the Plymouth Art Gallery were not attributed to any artists and very little was known about them, so members of the team are researching the paintings and giving presentation on their findings. This is ongoing.
2. Working with Ford Park Cemetery investigating who is buried there and recording their findings in a book.

Saltash u3a
Reading the Hurlers. Saltash u3a has recently been awarded £33,700 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF), for an exciting project called Reading the Hurlers. The community geo-archaeological project focuses on the early Bronze Age site of the Hurlers stone circles, near the village of Minions, Bodmin Moor.

Salisbury u3as
1. 30 people looked at two collections at Salisbury Museum
2. Assisted the museum with its refurbishment

Torbay u3a
1. Working with Torquay Museum researching the lives and works of Devon naturalists.
2. Working with Teignmouth and Shaldon Museum researching the history of the connection between Teignmouth and Newfoundland.

Wells & Cheddar u3as
Working at National Trust property Lytes Cary looking for a medieval village in the grounds. Ongoing.

West Wilts u3a
1. Three projects with Trowbridge Museum researching objects and writing a leaflet on the research.
2. Craft groups collaborating with Trowbridge Museum on their Magna Carta project.